Back from GABF 2010

Booth at GABF

Well, I made it through my FIRST GABF and I went as a vendor! The feedback I got from everyone, was excellent. I would say over 90% of the attendees that tried the Hopolate, loved it! I was sporting Milk and Dark Chocolate Hopolate with Amarillo hops.  I had miniature mugs, JUMBO mugs and small truffles for sale. We gave out over 3000 samples and I sold out during session 2 about half way through!

I am now taking orders through the website, but I am still working out the shipping charges. You can purchase a 1/2 lb box for $5.99 + $4 shipping on one box. We can ship up to 6 boxes for $12, so order now!

I also got a few inquires about resealing throughout the U.S. You may be able to find Hopolate in Portland, Or and some parts of Illinois!


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