Hope you are having a Hoppy July!

July was a pretty interesting month, here at Hop Candy Inc. We have worked on refining the candy and new ways to infuse additional hop aroma and character. Hopolate covered Cherries will be available this fall as well. Look for these and possibly another candy, in time for the holidays! If you read Brew Your own magazine, look for us in print and on their website!

* Important note – August 4th is International IPA day. You can read about it from Ashley Rouston a.k.a The Beer Wench, at her sit www.DrinkWithTheWench.com

I would also like to point out some other recommend websites:

www.passionbeer.com – Terrific Philadelphia based beer review site

www.beercruiser.net – Wonderful Baltimore based craftbeer site

www.hoptopia.com – Industry leading craftbeer etc site!

brewingsomefun.com – Everything craftbeer, I contribute here

www.phillybeerscene.com – Philadelphia based site, everything craftbeer

www.TheBeerBabe.com – New England based beer blogger

Please be sure to keep up with us and my fellow craftbeer enthusiasts on Twitter and Facebook. Feel free to offer feedback and suggestions.


Phillip Green

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