Company Overview

I founded this company to fill a niche market, which I have created. Being a home brewer and chocolate lover, I realized that there was a lack of beer centric candies on the market. Around Christmas 2009, I started thinking up ways to bring these two wonderful flavors together. Around Christmas 2009, I made my first batch of Nugget Ninja Hopolate*. I gave them to friends and co-workers and everyone agreed it was a really interesting candy. In February 2010, on a whim, I tossed them in my suitcase,  to hand at Extreme Beer Fest in Boston.  I took the samples to EBF and the candy was well received!

I have recently begun sending out additional samples to bloggers, podcasters and brewers alike. I have gotten very positive feedback and have been refining the flavor, with each revision.

*Palatable Patent Pending

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